testing out ring molds

A few months ago, I came across another blog featuring a recipe for mini cakes. From that, the notion of mini cakes popped into my head. I bought four 3.5″ Ateco ring molds from Amazon so I could test it out.

A month later, in October, my friend and I were talking about cakes (I had brought one to the nabe party we were at) and she asked for a small one for her birthday. I thought this would be a good opportunity to test out those ring molds.

She had a birthday celebration last week, but I couldn’t attend becuase of gradball. But, the day before we did a dinner with her friend from high school and another friend of ours. That’s when I gave her her birthday cakes!


Chocolate espresso and orange-strawberry cheesecakes

The graham cracker crust didnt look as good on the chocolate espresso cakes. I might try oreo crumb crust next time instead, it might look better.

I arrived to the party after gradball, and by then they had already eaten the cakes. Two of them said they liked the chocolate espresso ones and one person preferred the orange-strawberry ones. My friend really liked both, which made me happy to hear.


とにかく、誕生日おめでとうのぞみさん!来年カナダで勉強しなら、またケーキを作ったい ~