the cake I said I’d never make

I don’t know why but I never wanted to make a minion cake. Once Despicable Me 2 had come out, making minion cakes was trending and I just didn’t want to be a part of that (similarly, I’m pretty sure I don’t want to make a Frozen cake). However, when a friend asked me to make a cake for her as a minion, I just went along with it. Though at first, I though she wanted a stacked cake, but fortunately she wanted a regular 8″ cake. It was for her boyfriend (at the time)’s birthday. She wanted matcha-flavoured cake, which is something I had done the year before.

Matcha cake filled with chocolate ganache and strawberries

Matcha cake filled with chocolate ganache and strawberries

Day 1: We baked the matcha-cakes. We had a few technical difficulties with cake consistency because she added a ton of matcha (because she wanted a stronger taste….) but I fixed it with milk. We also cut out the fondant pieces for the face and lettering. We stacked and filled the cakes with ganache and strawberries, and then let it set in the fridge

Day 2: We rolled out the yellow fondant and assembled the cutout pieces. We added pearl dust for sparkle and then steamed the cake for shine. She had never done a cake like this before, and I had never been assisted on a cake, so it was a bit of an experience for both of us. I heard that the guy liked his cake and all of their friends thought the minion was cool, so that’s always awesome to hear. (March 2014)