it’s not bribery if it’s cake….

A year ago today, the group I was working in was getting audited by internal audit. Being the newest to the team, I was exempt from the audit, but also no one had told me there was going to be one. I had found out a week earlier, I was invited to lunch with a senior internal auditor and it turns out he and his team were coming over to audit. Somewhere along our conversation, the topic of cake came up. He told me that one of his team members had a cheesecake recipe and he’d love if I made it for him when he came over for the audit.

So I did, though I did wonder if this would be considered bribery…. The cake was a no-bake peanut butter toblerone cheesecake, which I challenged myself to decorate – because who decorates a cheesecake?

No-bake peanut butter toblerone cheesecake

No-bake peanut butter toblerone cheesecake

I did a double layer of graham cracker crumbs. The outer layer was regular graham cracker crumbs dyed green, and the inner layer was oreo crumbs. I added blue food gel to the filling, and then I let it set. While it was setting in the fridge, I made waterlilies and lily pads out of gumpaste. Once the cake was set, I spread blue piping gel over top to make the ‘water’ look, something I had seen on Cake Boss. After letting it set overnight, I added the waterlilies and lily pads in the morning before I brought it to work.

I arrived only to find out the audit had been moved to later in the year. However, my team loved the cake and was blown away by the fact that it was a cheesecake. Despite the fact that I am obviously not a photographer, I do use pictures of this cake to show off what I can do.

(June 2013)